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Success Center—California Bay Area

Academic support, executive function coaching, and student life/transition to college skills training for neurodiverse learners.

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College Is for You, Too!

One Black Neurodivergent Adult’s Journey to and Through Higher Education
Wednesday, October 25 at 5 p.m. PT/8 p.m. ET

Marc Thurman '18, a Landmark College alumnus and current Director for the Centers for Diversity and Inclusion will share his educational journey as a neurodiverse man of color and the difficulties of finding a supportive college community.

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Landmark College has established a Success Center on the West Coast! Located in San Mateo, California, LC’s new Bay Area Success Center provides neurodiverse teens, young adults, and adults with access to our unmatched resources and support for success in their academic and social skills development journey. Success Center resources and approaches are based on the world-class academic and student life elements found on our flagship campus in Vermont, ensuring quality and effectiveness honed over 35 years of working with neurodiverse populations.

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Executive function and academic supports include:

  • A dedicated Learning Specialist who will coach and support neurodiverse teens, young adults, and adults through LC-aligned and LC-proven practices—in-person and online
  • Executive function training such as goal setting, time management, organization, and problem-solving
  • College-level learning strategies such as active reading, note-taking, improving the writing process, test taking and mnemonics
  • Access to technology-based practices such as gamification and game-based learning to engage neurodiverse individuals

Social supports include:

  • PEERS® Social Pragmatics training for neurodiverse teens and young adults to build relationships, make friends, improve communication
  • Personalized social coaching with one-on-one support
  • Social engagement within the groups
  • Opportunities to enhance self-advocacy skills
  • Click here to download a flyer about our social pragmatics services

Where is the LC Success Center located?

LC’s Success Center is located in the Annex building on Stanbridge Academy campus (515 E. Poplar Avenue, San Mateo, California 94401) just blocks away from the San Mateo Caltrain station, easily accessible to Highway 101 just north of Highway 92.

Who has access to the Success Center?

Bay Area students taking Landmark College Online Dual Enrollment courses, College START, or participating in other LC Online programs, can access Success Center resources. However, nonenrolled, neurodiverse teens, young adults and adults can seek in-person and/or online support from the Success Center that positions them for success as well.

What do our clients say about the Success Center?

In recent surveys, 84% of client responses confirm that they are motivated to employ the strategies and tools shared by the learning specialists. During the sessions with the SC learning specialist, clients share they work on…

  • Solving and figuring out ways to improve general executive function, as well as health and wellness
  • Time management
  • Schedule planning and management

Clients said the most helpful tools they employed include: 

  • A list of reading and pacing strategies, online apps with timers that motivate you to work, pomodoro method with your own times
  • Understanding why organization is useful was a big help, I didn't understand before that it's used to offload everything- no need to be memorized/remembered 
  • Reading strategies, focus strategies, anxiety reducing strategies regarding workload, scheduling, and wellness
  • Planning with the use of a calendar, following to-do lists, general organization, regularly going to the gym, setting times/place to complete homework assignments
  • Reminders for work and sleep
  • Greater utilization of calendar apps and reminders to organize tasks and be more communicative with peers


Service Details and Current Pricing


Sandra Fishler (pictured right) is Director of the Landmark College Success Center in San Mateo, California. Send Sandra an email to learn more.  

You can also get information and updates about our services by subscribing to the Success Center's e-newsletter

Landmark College Success Center
515 E. Poplar Ave.
San Mateo, CA 94401

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