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School of Liberal Studies & the Arts

What makes us human?

Landmark College campus as viewed from upper campus looking over buildings on lower campus and into the vast and majestic beauty of the mountain range in the distanceCulture and community, shared and personal history, memories of the past combined with the imagination to look ahead to the future. The Humanities, Social Sciences, and the Arts collectively allow us to study and experience those aspects of humanity and the self that create individual identity and expression, as well as social systems and cultural differences.

The School of Liberal Studies and Fine and Performing Arts houses a wide array of courses and modes of discovery. In our courses, students consider theoretical foundations and historical perspectives from a variety of scholars, and express their own thinking in both creative and analytical ways. Through a variety of mediums and texts, we work to understand form and function, structure and expression, commonalities and differences, whether we are studying a piece of art, analyzing a literary work, or reading the results of a research study.

Whether we participate in discussions of contrasting world religions or spend an afternoon creating music or 3 dimensional figures, we are engaging in the type of scholarly inquiries and artistic explorations that form not only a historical record of the human experience but also new knowledge and works that allow us to grow as individuals and contribute to a larger body of inquiry. Throughout the curriculum, students are asked to engage in exploration and study, share their perspectives and ideas, and practice the modes of critical inquiry that represent the scholarly disciplines.

The Liberal Studies Department offers courses in nine disciplines that explore the fundamental questions about what it means to be human.


The Department of Fine and Performing Arts offers a rich variety of courses at all levels across the performing and studio arts.

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