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Why Study Abroad?

I was learning all this new stuff, not just about being in Ireland but also the history of it. It was a positive learning experience and a positive social experience." - student Declan O'Flaherty, studied abroad in Irleand, Summer 2017 

Get to know another culture with Landmark College’s dedicated and experienced faculty leaders

Traveling and living abroad is an excellent opportunity for students to build confidence and independence. Academically, students have the opportunity to engage in a topic with all five senses–course subjects come alive when students can engage in hands-on learning. 

In this day and age, employers are looking for candidates with proven global competency and intercultural communications skills. Given that only about 10% of U.S. college students study abroad, students who do so may have a distinct advantage in the job market. 

Landmark College study abroad programs include a variety of activities that support the academic curriculum. As a result, students may discover new interests such as theater, hiking, art, cooking, or history. 

Our three-week programs, offered during summer session or in January Term, generally offer one three-credit course. This gives students an opportunity to stay on track for graduation. Other students may use these courses to explore a topic of interest for elective credits. 

Finally, experiencing a new country and culture offers students the opportunity to learn about themselves. Our highly-structured programs let students learn and grow, with the support and guidance of our faculty at their side. 

Still need convincing? Check out these resources: 

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