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Bachelor's Degrees

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Three students doing coursework on Landmark College campus.


Frequently Asked Questions about Bachelor's Degrees

  • Students declare their intended major upon entry into Landmark College and are required to formally declare a major by the conclusion of their second semester. This declaration may be for an associate or bachelor's degree program. Students who have declared a major for an associate degree may re-declare for a bachelor's degree at any point. For more information about declaring majors, see this section of the Landmark College Academic Catalog.

  • Declaring means that you intend to pursue a bachelor’s degree over the course of your time at Landmark College. You can then focus on taking the courses needed to complete the bachelor’s degree and organize a plan for when and how to take them.

  • It is important to make satisfactory academic progress to be successful in a bachelor’s degree program (particularly in the upper-level courses). If you have experienced a challenging semester but it looks like you’re on course for success, we’ll be happy to review your plans on a case-by-case basis. In general, declaring a bachelor’s degree track requires demonstrated progress in credit-bearing courses.

  • We will assess your transfer credits and apply them, as appropriate, toward your bachelor’s degree. We will accept as many as 80 transfer credits toward a bachelor’s degree. Please see the transfer credit policy for details.

  • Because the first few semesters of the bachelor’s degree programs align with our associate degrees, you will be positioned to transition to one of these programs as desired or needed.

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