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Associate of Arts in Liberal Studies

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Learn about your world and develop your passions.

The Associate of Arts in Liberal Studies degree provides students with a broad foundation in specific discipline areas (the humanities, the arts, and the natural and social sciences). Students who study liberal arts encounter different ways of seeing the world. They develop the skills to engage in projects and activities that open new avenues for exploration as they focus on the ability to formulate effective arguments, communicate well, and solve problems.

Students are able to choose courses of interest to them in a broad range of electives while also fulfilling general education requirements that help prepare them for further education or the workplace. The requirements for the A.A. in Liberal Studies align with the first two years of the Landmark College B.A. in Liberal Studies.

Learn more about the A.A. in Liberal Studies Degree

  • A focus on the learning experience of each student.

    At Landmark College, faculty teach a range of courses in the Liberal Arts that are both content-rich and skills-focused. Students are provided with ample opportunities to develop a critical eye and the reading and writing skills necessary for advanced work.

  • Liberal Studies students seek to be engaged in their communities.

    Students can engage in a wide range of activities that relate to and reinforce their liberal studies focus, from getting involved in campus centers and clubs, such as the Stonewall Center, Rise Up Center, or art club, to service learning opportunities in the local community. Landmark College provides opportunities to step out of the classroom into direct involvement with groups and activities in Putney and nearby Brattleboro.

  • Students pursuing an A.A. in Liberal Studies may choose to do an internship in any number of areas.

    Students have had successful experiences in some of the following areas:

    • Education or nonprofit organization
    • Journalism
    • Coaching
    • Real estate
    • Television broadcasting
    • Radio broadcasting
    • Brand writing
    • Sales and marketing

    The College has partnerships with several national, regional, and local companies and organizations that have neurodiverse-friendly hiring programs.

    Students have typically gained work experience either through on campus internships or with the following supportive programs:

    • Broad Futures
    • Dynamy
    • Disability:IN
    • Inventive Labs
    • Neurodiversity Pathways
  • Students interested in Liberal Studies can consider a wide range of career choices.

    Those planning to enter the workforce immediately after graduation can explore opportunities in sales, marketing, nonprofit entry-level positions, and fields such as real estate, insurance, or retail operations.

    The Associate of Art in Liberal Studies prepares students for the Landmark College B.A. in Liberal Studies.

    The program also offers a strong foundation for many of the other Bachelor of Arts degrees in majors such as Psychology, Integrated Arts, and Communication and Entrepreneurial Leadership. Students interested in those degrees should consult with their advisor about choosing a Landmark College concentration aligned with their bachelor degree interests.

  • To earn the A.A. in Liberal Studies degree, students must complete 61 credits:

    • 15 - 16 credits of major required courses
    • 31 credits of general education courses
    • 14 - 15 credits of general electives

    Major Requirements (15 – 16 credits)

    • INT2001 Liberal Studies Perspectives 
    • One additional course in each of
      • Arts
      • Natural Science or Social Science
      • Social Science (2000-level)
      • Literature (2000-level)

    General Education Requirements

    • WRT1011 Composition and Rhetoric OR WRT1008 Writing Process & Practice Part 2
    • WRT1012 Research and Analysis
    • EDU1011 Perspectives in Learning
    • COM1011 Intro to Communication OR COM1021 Interpersonal Comm OR COM1071 Public Speaking
    • Mathematics distribution elective (as indicated through placement exam)
    • Humanities distribution elective
    • Natural Science with lab distribution elective
    • Social Science distribution elective
    • Quantitative Reasoning distribution elective
    • Creativity distribution elective

    General Electives: 14 - 15 credits

    61 Total Credits

  • Upon completion of the A.A. in Liberal Studies degree, students will be able to:

    • Identify and describe the methodological approaches of the disciplinary areas encompassed within the degree.
    • Employ information literacy skills to locate and discern appropriate information to the academic task.
    • Examine and describe diversity of lived experiences.
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