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Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies

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Learn to think deeply and critically, to solve problems, and to live fully.

The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies builds on a foundation of civic inquiry and interdisciplinary study that helps students develop and strengthen skills in communication, problem solving, information technology, and critical thinking that are essential for a rapidly changing world. The program is designed to help students explore complex questions, analyze and critique societal programs, and engage responsibly with their communities.

Learn more about the B.A. in Liberal Studies Degree

  • A Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies from Landmark College is designed to prepare graduates to enter the workforce or further their studies.

    Students are prepared for a range of elective courses through the degree requirements of an interdisciplinary seminar, advanced writing, and civic engagement courses. In addition, each student chooses a focused topic for their culminating capstone project. As our graduates move through adulthood as lifelong learners, they will be prepared to think deeply and critically, to solve problems, and to live fully.

  • Liberal Studies students seek to be engaged in their communities.

    Students can engage in a wide range of activities that relate to and reinforce their liberal studies focus, from getting involved in campus centers and clubs, such as the Stonewall Center, Rise Up Center, or art club, to service learning opportunities in the local community. Landmark College provides opportunities to step out of the classroom into direct involvement with groups and activities in Putney and nearby Brattleboro.

  • The program's hands-on learning approaches lead to many credit-bearing internship opportunities.

    Students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies may choose to do internships in the following areas:

    • Education
    • Law
    • Journalism
    • Museums
    • Coaching
    • Real estate
    • Culinary arts
    • Television broadcasting
    • Radio broadcasting
    • Brand writing
    • Sales and marketing
  • In a culture where information access, scholarly inquiry, and globalization are rapidly evolving, employers are looking for people who can work collaboratively and communicate effectively and have acquired a broad range of knowledge and information literacy skills. The workforce and society are in need of individuals who have the skills provided through a liberal studies education: those who can reason carefully, possess scientific literacy, and can engage in public debate of critical ideas.

    For more information and professional skill building opportunities, visit the Landmark College Career Connections webpage.

  • To earn the B.A. in Liberal Studies degree, students must complete 121 credits:

    • 36 credits of major required courses:
      • 30 major required credits
      • 6 major required credits that also count toward general education
    • 34 additional credits to complete the general education requirements
    • 51 credits of general electives (15 must be at the 3000/4000 level)

    Major Requirements (36 credits)

    • INT2001 Liberal Studies Perspectives 
    • INT3001 Liberal Studies Applications
    • INT3011 Civic Engagement 
    • INT4000 Interdisciplinary Studies Capstone I
    • INT4001 Interdisciplinary Studies Capstone 
    • WRT3011 Advanced Writing
    • One additional course (any level) in each of
      • Natural Science or Social Science
      • Creativity
    • 2000 level Literature course
    • 3000 - 4000 level Humanities course
    • 3000 - 4000 level Literature course
    • 3000 - 4000 level Social Science course

    Additional General Education Requirements

    • WRT1011 Composition and Rhetoric OR WRT1008 Writing Process & Practice Part 2
    • WRT1012 Research and Analysis
    • EDU1011 Perspectives in Learning
    • COM1011 Intro to Communication OR COM1021 Interpersonal Comm OR COM1071 Public Speaking
    • Mathematics distribution elective (as indicated through placement exam)
    • Humanities distribution elective
    • Natural Science with lab distribution elective
    • Social Science distribution elective
    • Quantitative Reasoning distribution elective
    • Creativity distribution elective
    • Alternative Experience

    General Electives: 51 credits (15 at the 3000/4000 level)

    121 Total Credits

  • Upon completion of the B.A. in Liberal Studies degree, students will be able to:

    • Draw connections across multiple disciplines to integrate learning.
    • Describe the ways in which academic disciplines construct knowledge and tackle problems.
    • Articulate the impact of social and culture contexts on worldview.
    • Use communication, including writing, as an intellectual process to discover, construct, order, and convey meaning.
    • Demonstrate civic responsibility through community engagement.
    • Identify and draw upon sources appropriate to the academic task.
    • Explain the ways in which a Liberal Studies degree can be applied to one's post-BA goals


Photo of Professor Chaia Flegenheimer

Chaia Flegenheimer
Chair, Liberal Studies Department
[email protected]


Photo of Dean Solvegi Shmulsky

Solvegi Shmulsky
Dean of Liberal Studies & the Arts
[email protected]


Interested in applying?

Whether you are new to Landmark College or are a former student interested in returning for a baccalaureate degree, you can apply here (the reenrollment process for Landmark College alumni can be found under the "Returning" tab).

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