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Associate of Arts in Business Studies

Up-to-date preparation for today’s entry-level managerial positions.

The Associate of Arts in Business Studies degree provides students with a basic understanding of the business environment, management theory, marketing, and accounting practices. Students are prepared to seek entry-level managerial positions or to transfer to a four-year institution as business majors.

A business degree is one of the most sought-after degrees and leads to career opportunities in both the public and private sectors. The A.A. in Business Studies provides the fundamental skills and knowledge necessary to compete successfully in today’s business world and prepares students to be independent thinkers who can:

  • Analyze information to make sound decisions based on data and projections
  • Assess business opportunities
  • Communicate decisions effectively
  • Monitor the impact of business decisions
  • Become successful business leaders.

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  • A long and successful record of preparing neurodiverse students to create a foundation for a career in business.

    No other college in the country offers such depth of experience in teaching students who learn differently. Through Landmark College's unique, hands-on approach to business studies, students develop the basic knowledge of business needed for an entry-level administrative support or managerial position.

    From marketing and accounting to management and information technology, the program allows students to develop the skills required for all disciplines of business by completing a professional core, while providing the flexibility to explore various aspects of business.

  • Co-curricular opportunities build community and support campus life.

    • The Landmark Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program (LEAP) inspires and supports students in professional and creative development.
    • The Idea Lab makerspace provides opportunities to explore both high- and low-tech tools and techniques and engage in entrepreneurial projects.
    • The Adobe Publishing Suite in the Mini Lab allows students to generate multimedia promotional materials.
    • Earn credit with our one-credit course Launch a Business.
    • The Annual Pitch Contest offers start-up funds to test new business initiatives and enterprises.
  • Learning by Doing

    The Business Studies program’s emphasis upon hands-on learning leads to credit-bearing internship opportunities, both on campus and off.

    Recent internships include: 

    • Grocery marketing & retail management
    • Real estate assistant
    • Small venue management
    • Social media specialist
    • Event planning and promotion
    • Brand writing and web design

    The college has partnerships with the following organizations that offer neurodiverse friendly supportive workforce and internship programs:

    • Broad Futures
    • Dynamy
    • Disability IN
    • Neurodiversity Pathways
    • Hasbro
  • A rigorous program to prepare you for the next stage of your career

    An associate degree in Business Studies prepares students to immediately enter the workforce or continue their business studies in a bachelor's degree program. Career opportunities include

    • Human Resources Management
    • Organizational Behavior
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Economics
    • Finance

    The A.A. in Business Studies curriculum aligns with the first two years of the Landmark College B.A. in Communication and Entrepreneurial Leadership degree.

  • To earn the A.A. in Business Studies degree, students must complete 61 credits:

    • 24 credits of major required courses
      • 18 major required credits
      • 6 major required credits that also count toward general education
    • 25 additional credits to complete the general education requirements
    • 12 credits of general electives

    Major Requirements (24 credits)

    • ACC1011 Financial Accounting
    • ACC2011 Managerial Accounting 
    • BUS1011 Introduction to Business 
    • ECN2021 Introduction to Microeconomics OR ECN2031 Introduction to Macroeconomics 
    • MGT2011 Principles of Management OR MGT2021 Human Resource Management 
    • MKT2011 Introduction to Marketing OR BUS2021 Entrepreneurship and Innovation 
    • Business-related Internship

    General Education Requirements

    • WRT1011 Composition and Rhetoric OR WRT1008 Writing Process & Practice Part 2
    • WRT1012 Research and Analysis
    • EDU1011 Perspectives in Learning
    • COM1011 Intro to Communication OR COM1021 Interpersonal Comm OR COM1071 Public Speaking
    • Mathematics distribution elective (as indicated through placement exam)
    • Humanities distribution elective
    • Natural Science with lab distribution elective
    • Creativity distribution elective

    General Electives (12 credits)

    61 Total Credits

  • Upon completion of the A.A. in Business Studies degree, students will be able to:

    • Apply management skills to achieve organization objectives.
    • Evaluate options for ethical decision-making in business settings.
    • Address organizational challenges with innovative solutions.
    • Apply Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).
    • Relate financial principles to business and consumer decision making.


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Eric Matte
Chair, Professional Studies Department
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John Vitale
Dean of Professional Studies and Science
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